Wander My Way Home [Repraise]

by Jesse Winchester

Jesse Winchester (born James Ridout Winchester; May 17, 1944) is an American musician and songwriter who was born and raised in the southern United States. To avoid the Vietnam War draft he moved to Canada in 1967, which is where and when he began his career as a solo artist. His highest charting r…

I asked a man for directions
Thinking maybe he would know, he said 

Go straight, you can't miss it
But you've got a ways to go
If you get lost, Mister just keep moving
No matter what, you carry on
You may stumble into heaven
You may wander your way home 

See, coming up, the streets are one way
And they're one way going down
I been up and down em all ways
I been all the way cross town
I asked a woman for directions
Hoping maybe she would know, she said 

Written by: WINCHESTER


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