I Show You Secrets

by Pharao

Pharao was a German Eurodance act produced by Alexander Hawking and DJ Stevie Steve. The band was fronted by Egyptian-Indian singer Kyra Pharao (Claudia Banerjee) (born 17 January 1971) and the American rapper Deon Blue (born 20 January 1970). Pharao released two studio albums, Pharao (1994) and Th…

I'll show you secrets, of your life. 
Come with me, to the mystery of music 

I'll show you secrets of your life 
Secrets of your mind 
The mystery of music will find a way one day, one day 
Whoa whoa 

Let me come inside your mind 
What's the mystery I will find 
Is it love or is it time? 
Is it yours or is it mine? 
Let me feel, let me give you the rhythm 
Position of love is what I'm feeling... 
Inside quick, catch up before you lose me 
Don't look soon, you might not know me 
Going up, what's the mystery of music? 
Will it find it's way, or will it lose it? 
There's a different way to know the answers 
Hold your head in a great big bather 
Time is running out, do you know? 
Feel the vibe and why let it grow 
Open your heart, feel your mind, give me your soul 
And feel the rhythm, let go 

Try to think by my mind, it ponders 
Try to reason with, but I wonder 
What's this thing called another 
Don't fight the feeling let the sound take over 
Atmosphere, went on my head 
Ozone, the music, turning me red 
Also peace, love, unity 
But no one in the world understands me 
What do I do? Lose control? 
No I give the rhythm my soul 
Let it decide, find a way 
To make this world a better place 
Only one way to know what to do and 
Open your heart, free your mind give your soul to music 
Just do it, and feel the vibe 

Can you feel? 
Do you feel the vibe? 
Do you feel the mystery of music? 

Do you feel? 
Do you feel the vibe? 
Do you feel the mystery of music? 

Come with me, to the mystery, of music 
One day, some day, anyday, we'll find a way 
One day, some day, anyday 
One day 

The mystery, of music


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