Ahmad's Blues

by Ahmad Jamal

Ahmad Jamal (born July 2, 1930 as Frederick Russell Jones) is an innovative and influential American jazz pianist, composer, and educator. According to American music critic Stanley Crouch, Jamal is second in importance in the development of jazz after 1945 only to Charlie Parker. For five decades,…

I go through the strangest kind of changes
Tryin' to find myself a way to pay my dues
And would you believe it I'm so urban
My suburban friends don't know my bag of blues
I'm up in the morning on the corner so siditty

That you'd hardly know it's me
And late in the evening when I'm mellow
There's my fellow with the world for me to see
It's a world full of cocktails at nine
And dinners and wine very late shows
And where the crowd goes

I'm a girl with a world of her owna queen on her throne
Till everything's gone and then
I wake up to find that I'm a stranger
In a world where I have never before
I look for my man who held my hand

But now I know that he'll be coming back no more
I'm telling you 'bout this bag of blues
Paid a whole lotta dues baby
Gonna change my way of livin' talkin' bags of blues
Mister don't you see I'm paying dues
Gonna change me some shoes baby

Walkin' in a daze to my apartment where I'll grab another wink
And doze on the sofa 'til eleven then get up and pour myself another drink
While back at the party I'll be hardy while I'm waitin' for some better news
But now in the meantime I'll just sit right here and cool it
We're gonna cool it now and listen to the rhythm
Ahmad's blues

Written by: AHMAD JAMAL

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