Boo Boo'n

by Devin the Dude

Devin Copeland (born June 4, 1970), better known by his stage name, Devin the Dude, is a Houston hip hop rapper. He is best known for his unique rapping style, his long career signed to Rap-A-Lot Records, and his 2002 song, "Lacville '79".

(Devin) Walk up in da session wit my dick in my hand
Fat sweet in my mouth,a 24 ounce can
Got no time for all that yesterday, he say, she say
Pull out da beat tape
Give it to da DJ
My eyes are tight and shinin'cause I'm smokin' some kill
Don't look at me, go buy some drinks, call up some hoes if you will
I see it nothin' but a party ya'll, I guess I'm the host
Ain't nobody got no mo weed, it time to smoke it
Keep that beat rollin', you see everybodys holdin' their own
You know I gotta bust atleast two or three before I'm gone
But there's always one in da crowd, rappin' loud
I'm in the nigga's mouth after all them bitches and cowards
With the East coast flow, West coast body language
Don't know nothin' bout da South and tryin' to find someone to hang wit
Man when ya finish flowin' or whatever da fuck you doin'
Holla at me, I'll be in da bathroom boo boo'n


(Devin) Had to get away, needed some time to chill
So I bought a 59 and got behind da wheel
Scooped up a fat sack of kill 'cause I'll be drivin' a while
Takin' two or three pulls every five or six miles
I can't wait to see my roaddogg, you how we do it
Just like a case of beer, piece of cock, we run right through it
And all da bitches know me, I hit quite a few
They be glad to see me, niggaz don't give'em dick like I do
I bust bout two, then they tell they friends, and then I'm in
Wit my French tickler, makin' they pussy lips grin
But there's always one in da crowd, talkin' loud
Found out I fucked her cousin, now she runnin' her mouth
Leavin' notes on my windshield, I'm a bitch, I'm a hoe
Early in da mornin' bitches knockin' at my mama doe
Mama please, when you finish whatever that you doin'
Who ever that is, tell'em I'm in da bathroom boo boo'n


(Devin) I gotta visit from a old friend, fresh outta county
He said came up on a lick and he was glad that he foind me
He had some niggaz wit him, full of drink and lookin' sweaty
Cockin' gats back talkin' bout "c'mon Dee man you ready?"
Its a house down da street, about two does down
They sell weed and they least got two whole pound
Man all we gots to do is hit this ride, we cool
Lets fuck his wife and take his weed and bust on that fool
We can all come up, whatever we get, we split
Ain't nobody sayin' nothin', ain't nobody seen shit
So lets pile up five deep in ya lac
He'll know that it is you Dee and won't think its da jack
Man you must be smokin' crack, you don't know who dat is
That nigga work for HBD been sellin' weed round here for years
So when you finish plottin and schemin' whatever you doin'
Wait fo' me, I'll be in da bathroom boo boo'n



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