The Eldritch

by Watchtower

A watchtower is a type of fortification used in many parts of the world. It differs from a regular tower in that its primary use is military, and from a turret in that it is usually a freestanding structure. Its main purpose is to provide a high, safe place from which a sentinel or guard may obser…

Twilight undisturbed, a formidable silence
The mind rampant in its solitary depression
Vacuous feelings, the sudden strike of fear
Drawn into the nocturnal empire

A shadow strikes in the absence of light
And molds the terror into insanity
Hands claw at familiar faces, running from the unknown
Is there now something real?

Resist the unseen, the obscure
Resist the panic, painful foreshadowing
Destroy yourself, inflicted apprehension
Awaken subconscious to the primal fear!

Intrusive misery, the darkness closes in
Frantic fit of self-preservation
Impulsive action, screaming confusion
Imagination overpowers reason


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