Paint in art what's solid as godly, ancient of bliss
Came hearts, God, He is always spacious in bigness
Awe's greatness, Him, we'll walk in ancientness thick
Key of all have ancient as prince, seein' awe as folk 'll attend
To move out and be in His movie, how you would see it
Youth now being His proof, eager as we live
Of too, count in and wow, He would choose it how you would be in Him
Use about as who is 'em to when now you are seekin'
Growth of me in God, it go as full in it, bliss
Solely up near in Him awesome, he only for Him, uplifted
Focusing pause for Him of glory unlimited
Adore He, be His awe of door in for him up it
Hang on, don't give up
Not an option
The way you bout the full bliss of Him, it's not an option
May you count His glorious openness, so you got it
Became sound, fuller in motion as open godliness

Written by: Austin Bachtold

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