Well Thyme

by Hazy Jane

A rusty bottom mailbox
A long arm with bad intent
Kept you from receiving
Every letter that I sent

Painstakingly plainspoken
I dictated every line
My heart and body broken
True communion my design

Is it time now, is it time?
Is it time now?

Once you reconnected with your younger self
Did you return the map of morning to its dusty shelf?

I wish that you had mentioned
That the kids had long since died
It's hard to have a wedding
With no willing groom or bride

The epistle left unwritten
Was the one that broke the spell
And the endless ocean emptied
All into this wishing well.

Is it time now, is it time?
Is it time now?

After you've allowed the sky to see you cry
Will you finally not look through me
For once not pass me by?

Written by: Paul Milan

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