Nice Boy / Blow My Cover (feat. Box Five 2003-2012)

by Mary Bichner

You're such a nice boy to offer
But you'd only get in the way
I cannot let you come with me
You'd only blow my cover

I know it must sound romantic
Living just to seize the day
But without a background in adventure
You'd only last me fifteen minutes
And I can't have you blow my cover

What part of go home now
Do you not understand?
It's getting late and once they
Find you've disappeared they'll send a
Search party to bring you home and
We don't want that

Don't look now, they have the place surrounded
Airships are filling the sky
I guess we're in this together
So you march out there and hand yourself over
While I slip unnoticed past their radar
I won't have you blow my cover

Written by: Mary Bichner

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