Mass Indoctrination

by Force Carrier

Creationism, a pseudoscience
Evolution, backed up by science
"Intelligent design" remains a fallacy
Evolution, as much a reality as gravity
Blind faith in the Divine
"You can crossbreed corn
From now 'til the cows come home
And you're always going to get corn
You're never going to get
A hamster, or a tomato, or a whale
To grow on your corn stock, okay
Complex things require a designer"
High on faith
Complete misunderstanding of speciation
Denying your misconception
Covertly falsifying the information
Defying argumentation, discussion, resolution
God of the gaps
"Hey, they say we evolved from an ape-like ancestor
Apes are still having babies
Let's... let's do it again
I want to see it this time"
Claiming you know without a shred of evidence
Displays the highest form of arrogance
The indoctrinators hinder progress
Evolution and science go on
Extraordinary claims
Require extraordinary proof
Extraordinary claims
Require extraordinary evidence
You have no proof
No evidence

Written by: Joel Caron

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