Nostalgic Predictions

by Vermörd

Existence, taking our own
There is no true peace in life
We've fallen, we've lied
Make no excuses
We find ourselves buried alive

We want you!

We are the ones who test your might of this life
To hear your cries
We strive to conquer lies
To find the truth

How different are love and hate
Indifferent they are one in the same

What is life, without a question?
For every answer raises more questions
There is no truth
That we can say is solved
For we always wander the unknown

We are the fallen ones
Taking this path
This path of our own
We will choose to be
The gateways of time
We'll never die

Face us

The faces of life the, the mocking of death
Never consider your wisdom, for that is your weakness
Once you embrace the truth, light turns onto dark
Once you embrace its malevolence and clarity
Shine will the true, the true plight, not an illusion or lie
All the false turns to shadow and now
You see the purpose, the darkness, the light

As the people we are one!
Fighting and indifferent
The time will come when we will listen

Written by: Zachary Kempler

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