Laundry and Dishes

by SoCalled

Life is stains
And life is scratches
Life is leaving
Life is losing
Life is breaking, shrieking, freaking
Life is choosing, cruising, bruising
Peaceful warriors
Starving royals
Soddoms and gemhorrahs
Loaves and fishes
Life is solitude
And endings
Life is laundry, life is dishes
Don't be so existential
Don't overthink it
Just start rinsing
And fill your sink it's
Gonna be OK
Don't be mopey
Don't think too hard
Don't worry, be soapy

Hotter than friction, we pop like corn
Stranger than fiction and hotter than porn
No half stepping, just quarter toning
Stereogomous, on the phone we moaning
Gas in the car and food on the table
Meat on your bones and green in your Gable
Thought I was old when I was thirty
Now I feel lucky that my plates get dirty
Everybody type QWERTY
Password suspicious
Life is laundry, life is dishes
Most days aren't too malicious
Life is laundry, life is dishes
The cycle's viscous
Lazy ambitious
Disgusting delicious
Laundry and dishes

Well-fed bodies
Starving souls
Life is parking
Life is tolls
Fate and faith
Dreams and wishes
Life is laundry, life is dishes
Holy criminals
Evil axis
Life is toilets
Life is taxes
Painful pleasures, stolen kisses
Life is laundry, life is dishes

And toenail clippings

Written by: Joshua Dolgin

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