i remember it all

by Madge Dietrich

I remember it all
Down to brushstrokes on the painting
Hung on the wall
Bottle of wine drunk
Light is fading

You held me
But you cried
My eyes were
Somehow dry
Something old had to die
But with destruction
Comes the breaking through

I remember it all
Out of the silence
I heard the call
I am no Joan of Arc
But you will still burn me for my spark

I've met you halfway
No further can I go
If you love just part of me
My answer still is no

I am here at the altar
My hands outstretched in agony
Will you make your decision
Loving 'right', or loving me

I remember it all
I remember it all
I remember
I, I, I

Written by: Drew Wutke, Margaret Dietrich

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