empty promises

by Brian Martir

I feel like i'm in chains
Glued to all of my pains
Sensing it in my veins, vei-ei-ei-ei-ei-eins
You say that you are, that you're gonna change
Do you even know what that even is?
Telling me to keep my sole hope alive
While you're choking me with your rope of lies
But that is your obsession, falling into recession
Well I'm not giving into that ridiculous temptation
I don't long for your empty promises, empty promises
All you did was make me feel bad
Did you even ask if I ever felt sad?
Oh, you didn't know?… Oh, well now I'm mad
And about you I don't want to know!
Symphony of lies, that you sang to me
Were only for your own personal gain
Remember all those words you said to me
"Filled with honesty" were hollow like your brain
Made me believe that everything I did was just hurting you
Couldn't just take the clue
Relationships should not be, anything that's rocky
I'm a psycho, when I cycle, between; I love you; spite you
I don't long for your empty promises
Empty promises, empty promises, empty promises, empty promises
I'm no longer in chains
Eradicated my pains
Killing it in my veins, veins

Written by: Brian Martir

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