Something Moving

by Frances Luke Accord

My eyes submit that I won’t focus
They can't resist what I don’t notice
You're a plane, Jane
You're taking off right before me
At a safe pace
Asking with your actions “Save me, please”
Come on and save me
I went into town just to see Michigan
How slow we walk when we've found something
Something moving
Moving mile by mile
Now I'm spinning
Off the curve of your smile

Loan me your lips at peak interest
Your right, my claim by the bite of my bid
You're the hip fight
Lighting up my night scene
In your black tie
Like you only lie with me
Baby, please,
I went into town wearing only my skin
I left feeling so deep in sin
Deep in something
Something not quite right
In my dark night, flying high on the wind

I'm a fake snake
Wax fangs and painted stripes
Just a tax break
Keen to bend the world how I like
Right how I like


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