Queen for Me

by Frances Luke Accord

Sell yourself to me
Dress up like a queen
On time, be mine
Be the queen for me
Paint yourself a new
Teach me how to use my soul, my soul
In the face of this

Diamond in the rough
Smiling on the bluffs 
Your luck in hand
But oh my weatherman
Can you call it all?
The diamond’s gonna fall I say don’t stay
In the fog of love

Sun rising
Moon shining

An only child
Queen without a name
Dreamer of the state, your fate, your place
But my life remains
In shadows
Now I’m on the lonely road
I’m on the way
To the blind parade
I’m taken by, a beautiful mind
I mean, I’ve come to say
I’m a child today 
Sun if I may
Find my place

Cast away
A bird unto the breeze
The things I wanna see from there, be fair
To the ones above
Watching over you
Gambling since the womb
I know I threw
But I lost it all for you

I wish you weren’t so far
But hell we’re not so dark
I mean, I’m free
But I’m a man alone
Reaching for the road
Learning with the load I’ve grown
I’m only
What I’ve come to know


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