The Wall Drug


For the rest of my life
Its never gonna be enough
I'm never gonna feel that much
It's never gonna be the same again

Backyard, wasted, faded
Ready or not to spend a life on wastin'
All of my bills on little pills, complacent
Weight of the world in all our teenage faces
Didn't have a concept of safety
Fuckin it up, yea young, dumb, crazy
Don't gotta regret because i've been good lately
I'm proud of that shit, it's the shit that made me

'Cause i was a mess in the hell i lived in
I was depressed, drugs made no difference
Still pretty lost but i don't blame the world
Remember the past but i accept it's over
Living so fast, I do it mostly sober
I dream of your face and your voice
But I'm moving forward

Written by: Mitch Ness

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