More life (outro)

by OsO

Thank you ladies and gentlemen
Thank you, thank you, haha
Thank you for listening through
Hope you enjoyed and learnt a thing or two, you know
Hope pia nilikuwa blessing, yeah
Life haikuangi rahisi but hiyo opportunity ya kulive
That's a blessing
You have family around you
You have people who care
People who love, people to love
That's blessings right there
Family, that's what matters
And we go through alot in this life but...
You keep working on excellence
You W.O.E.S through your woes
Porque todo en esta vida es temporal
Si las cosas van bien, disfrutalas
Si las cosas van mal
No problemas porque nada es para siempre
That means nothing is forever
So live life no stress
Love, proceed, progress, haha
Keep enjoying life
More life, more blessings

Written by: Ngaruiya Kanja

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