Happy Birthday (Skit)

by Tyrence

Tyrence is a musical artist.

Happy birthday man!
First time I met him I met him through you ne?, he was like...
Darman monna ebe a le eager coz onotla daar a kwa di beat
A re yo man, kgopela ong Producele gona
Okay, a couple of years otla daar like this one night, alright?
He's like bra I got 5 songs 
Monna ke nyokore re record'e tonight!, a re robale, I was like eh, serious?
(I remember that night, I remember that night)
A whole night!
So one thing I got to say about this man right here man, he's got passion
(Yea, yea, word, word)
The sky is the limit for this guy right here
(Word, word, word word)
There's no like, like...
There's no going down for this man, you know what I mean
He's Trapster, he's a superstar, happy birthday man

(Happy birthday! word, word, word, word, word, word, word, word
Trapster! Trapster! Trapster!, Wo! wo! wo! wo! wo!)

Written by: Terence Tlou

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