Lambent Urn

by Knoll

Croaking inward, out expire
All hope fails and all pain lingers

Trembling shell, coveted ark
Bolus of verboten wisdom
Urn of ciphers, thrust upon
Upheaved from irenic petals
Caustic dictum, vitalized
At the hands of whilom ardent
Hearts ignites such foolish ward
Once loved and spry


Croaking inward, out expire
Sentient fronds exude their fibers
Charred firs in starless fire
Forest berth of smothered liars

Shimmering husk, once procured
Foolish wardens, once beloved
Hornet horde, enfolding
Moldering as one
Golden platelets pulled and pried
Furtive blanket stripped aside

Verum vititi unveiled
All hope will fail

Written by: Knoll Inc

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