Fire & Brimstone (feat. Taylor Machado & Brandon Bruce)

by Based-Nexus

Where is the god
Who promises us salvation?
Armageddon yet to come
His damnation
You're not that holy or masterful
I say it's time to burn down your throne
Why is your word the only one?
We've blindly followed one by one
To eternal demise
With the hopes of being resurrected 
On this Earth in paradise
Tell me, where is that ultralight beam now?
You're nothing but a fraud
I ought to rip your teeth out
I beg to hear your screams

Because of you, we're left down here to rot
As if you'd even care
Nurtured and tortured
How can this be fair
I'll make a deal with deal with the devil
Maybe he can keep us safe
Jehovah, if you're listening
Fuck your word and fuck your fame

Run! Look up to the father!
Speak unto him, ask him for the path of righteousness 
Where do we go?
This is our time for deliverance
I beseech you
Tell me which way is the way go
Ostracized and locked behind a cage
All hope is lost
Signaling the hellfire 
No hope for the innocent 
One hundred forty-four thousand lambs keep their lives
Everybody down on Earth are the abandoned children of

He can't wait for the breath to 
Leave Our Bodies
How the fuck will we be blessed?
We'll all be put to rest

Written by: Dominic Godsil

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