Rainy Morning Song

by 10 Marmot Drive

Later on that mornin' I rolled up out of bed
Had some raindrops on my window and a song stuck in my head
I grabbed my ol' guitar and I started to play
Had to catch the music 'fore the rain washed it away
The lightning flashed, the thunder roared, but I didn't pay no mind
The music kept on comin' and the the lyrics seemed to rhyme
The song just kept on rollin' like an ol' frieght car
On that rainy Sunday morning, I werent' goin' very far
And then I had to sing it, that's the lyrics that you hear
Sorry if they're causin' you some swelling of the ear
That rainy morning music has a bit o' twang
And now you know the reason why I ain't never sang
'til this rainy morning music that the storm done brang.

Written by: Steve Tamargo

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