Possessed by Fire

by The Flesh Trading Company

The world bursts into flames, human being turns to dust
The end is near, it's coming
All the living shall be dead
Raging fire rises up as blood rains from the sky
The world shall be a hell of flames
Soon mankind will die

Possessed by fire

Hear the sound of darkness grumbles where horizons end
Tormented screams of tortured souls bow down in blazing flames
The gates of hell are open wide, comes deep down from below
All life shall be devoured, withered in the black abyss

Possessed by fire

Possessed by fire - we are born
Possessed by fire - we take control
Possessed by fire - we touch the sky
Possessed by fire - we will die

Dominion of humanity shall fall, just ashes will remain
We claimed the earth and judge ourselves, the circle starts again

Possessed by fire
We are possessed by fire

Written by: Patrick Gajda

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