Hold This

by The Auburn Ransom

Here is my heart
Do with it what you will
But if your will 
Is to fill it all with happiness 
I thank you very much
And wish you well

Hold on to this light
In the dark you might need it

Here is my life
I bear it to you
With all the best intentions
I can only hope
Your human engine runs
On non-toxic fumes
That won't destroy it

In the fires of desire
Brought on by you
Wanting more than you need
By giving into your greed
That I know you indeed 
Have deep in your heart
Hold on to this light

Hold on to this light 
Because in the dark you might need it

So here is my love
My passion for living
And I give it to you
With hopes it may resolve
Any and all 
The problems you have with me

Written by: Toby Ciprich

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