by Single But Taken

Maybe too shy
So I might as well get high
At least I don't think
In how to please a crowd
And my thoughts can't hear 
What they fear is near 
So I sip it back 
And think In what I lack
Put words in my mouth
Incase it all goes south
I bit my tongue   
Till all I feel is numb
And truth be told
You ain't got me in a hold
Cause what's it your head
Is far from the bed

Maybe you think I am dumb 
When I sit  waiting I bite my thumb 
Only if you knew  
Hell get a clue 

Lost in the crowd
Faces all look the same 
I say what I think 
You tell me to keep it down 
Speak with my eyes
Hope they can feel my words
I tell myself
I'm anywhere but here 
You grab my waist 
To claim me for yourself
And look at me like 
You know what's comin' next 
So I bite my tongue 
Yeah I'm almost numb 
You can't see 
I'm just not into you

Written by: Kelly Sullivan

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