Hatred, Anger and Hostility

by Flesh Rodeo

I don't care for absolution
Or intelligent design,
Same old curfews' retribution
Come round stalking at my mind

Gather your thoughts, fill with them holes
Gather your clothes, fill with them your naked bones

The spit, the swallow

The slit, the sorrow
The end tomorrow
The grim mascara
All apocryphal

Soon we are raised to suddenly praise
Same narrow books give you the spooks
Upon the fragile, the deaf and the blind
The angels lurk, demons lurk, gods lurk
From above

The hate, the anger
The true believer
All apocryphal
All apocryphal

The slit, the sorrow
We die tomorrow
Not know how it is
Not know how it feels

And you lie to yourself

Written by: Radu Ursoiu

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