by Denai Tenkara

Well theres a teenage riot on the streets and 12 don't phase us
Boots laced up, basement music from the mud that fucking raised us
I had to turn my back on all the fake fucks
& all the same shit, all the same stuff
I've fucking had enough, aye
These haters can't believe it, hate to see it. you could never be me

Japanese denim
Red wings, no these are not buscemi
I just took your bitch, hold her legs up. Get up in between it
Ima fucking body shit, the stars they keep alignment
Said that im not fucking signing shit, hot just like the climate
Dammit son, where did you find this shit?
Live right from the gutter told yo main to hit my line rq
She full of excitement, kawasaki way she ride my shit
I think that I like your bitch, imma take your wife & shit
I dont waste no time with shit. I have all the confidence, while you are lacking confidence
Not to mention consciousness. not to mention solidness
No foundation, obvious. you're keeping up with politics

So imma fucking wreck shit
Break shit, take shit
Sick of all this fucking fake shit
Deck your shit, break my fists
Bodies inna lobby, skulls were cracked quick
I can't keep the peace, i'm only action
See me in these streets, catch you in traffic
Faces hit the pavement, i'm reeking havoc on em
Music from the basement, i'm reeking havoc on em

Written by: Jacob Summerville

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