War Elephant

by The Final Clause of Tacitus

I just slip and slide through life
It's like I can't decide
Each road I take is another mistake
How many times until I realise
There is no getting it right
Blame this life for the fight that I decide
Turn off the light and complain you've lost your sight
So, I can lay down, and lose my ground
But now I've found, I'm still around
Now it's my turn, and ill take you all down
Pound for pound for pound

I've seen the signs but can't read what they're saying
I make mistakes, then replay them
We ain't got time so we can't keep waiting
The sick generation
Always going to be paying
For the mistakes of the ones before
Close our eyes and open doors
I've lost my voice and I've lost my mind
Close our ears and close our eyes
Always part of the divide, with no one left to confide
I was lost and now I'm found, and I'll take you down
Pound for pound for pound

Written by: Matthew Dunne

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