Jus' 4 U(intro)

by Tawny Creek

It's ya boy Tawny-Tone
Workin' day and night
For the salaray
Outchea living off this
Bread and cheese

Smoking all this weed
And I can feel the rhythm...
Evaluating my emotions
Through these algorithms

Never stoppin' I'ma
Go for the Mandela's!
Throw me in the jungle
I come out wearing a

I know this shit is better
Than your Rockafella
Rocking Nike's, while
You nigga's outchea
Rocking Fila's

They can't touch us
No wonder they can't
Fucking feel us
I'm a playa and bitches
Outchea catching

I ain't Cass, but I know
How to "Fill Up"
In case you didn't know
I've already made it realer

This is the intro
To the madness that is
In my head
I fantasize about putting the
Pistol to my brain

I'm like a snake up in
The eagle's shadow!
You nigga's lost up
In the sawce
They try'da imitate

Written by: Andile Hlazo

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