Eff You

by Lee Wilson

Am I not good enough?
Am I not worth much?
Can I just be happy?
Am I just too much?
Do you even know me?
Cause I don't hear my phone ring
With you as the contact 
Yeah, well I got the answers 

Just trying to live my life 
Just trying to get by 
In this terrible world we own 
Don't wanna feel all alone 
You should probably mind your own business 
Not a threat but I'm sick of your  thickness 
Shut your mouth 'cause I don't wanna hear it 
You're irrelevant I can feel it 

Eff you, oh eff you, oh eff you, oh yes, you 

Stop feelin bad for yourself, oh
You're mad into yourself, oh
You're so ridiculous, oh 
I bet you think that you're all grown
You think I used you, oh
But what's there to use, oh 
You always be lying
You'd think I be dyin, no

Baby I'm thriving 
Even to me it's surprising 
Kinda thought I'd be dying
Yeah I'm not lying
I opened my heart for you 
You didn't even give me a chance, oh
Jumped to conclusions
You're so confusing, mmm

Eff you, oh eff you, oh eff you, oh yes you 
Eff you, oh eff you, oh eff you, oh yes you

Written by: lee wilson

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