Fall Thru the Dojo


Some good fuckin beats on this joint 
See y'all don't know me but
They call me the DRAGON
A savage

I come from a lil app called Rapchat
And recording off YouTube free type beats everywhere I could get some sound

Fall thru the dojo
Take off ya shoes first
Now bow

Fall thru the dojo
I don't fear not one opponent
Sittin full lotus buildin focus
I got that potion and I flow like oceans
Gotta stack up all my cash grip
Take the trap and make it backflip
I need that bag so I push data packets
You think that I'm insane but I am batshit
I'll roll yo weed and put it in the trashcan
My focus beamin pew pew automatic
I'll rope you niggas like I'm Mississippi
I'll choke ya bitch out while she take this dicky
I'll smoke the spliff but only if it's sticky
Need victory gotta kid to feed I really need it
I really mean it when I say I will not be defeated
Tote katana I don't need a heater
Threw it out in Orlando I can't tell you why it's a secret

Written by: Stephen Roberts

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