Singer's Sore Throat

by Camisado

In military tactics, a camisado or camisade is a surprise attack occurring at night or at daybreak, when the enemy are supposed to be asleep.The term comes from Spanish camisa (shirt): when the Tercio had actions (skirmishes) of around fifty men attacking at night with minimum equipment, only sword and dagger (although some soldiers could carry arquebus or musket), and they were dressed only with a white shirt (thus the Spanish word es:encamisada), in order to kill in silence as many enemies as possible while they were sleeping. This is reflected in the film Alatriste, based on the main character of The Adventures of Captain Alatriste (Las aventuras del Capitán Alatriste), a series of novels written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte.

I don't think you have a clue who I am and exactly what I do
One voice alone could save a soul
I don't think you have a clue who I am and what I'll do to you

You are nothing

In the end it's all for you, in the end its all for you
One voice alone could save us all
I'm twisting words that's what I do, you know that's exactly what I do
What I'll do to you

You are nothing

You are my own
And I'm all alone

This is not the way
I wanted this to be

I'm falling, I'm falling, I never, I never
Have seen this before but I've felt this before

You are nothing

Written by: Joseph Deak

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