Jus'-A-LIL-BIT (Bass N Drum Demo)

by Target Acquired

Yo, we go walking 
In the park
I listen when you speak
About the dark
And how it's all 
So Very scary
And the only way out is the cemetery
I appreciate
That you're keeping it real
With the things you do
How you think, how you feel
That's when I reach out
To hold your hand 
Trying my best to understand
The anger that is
we have in common
But you can't shake yours
And that's a problem
I wanna help
Wipe away those tears
Show  you can overcome all your fears

That's when you look at me and say
I don't know how to get thru this day
And how can we find a way
When the lightest colors still seem gray
But I know what to do
So if you trust me then I'll show you
This is what we do...
So dance with me and I'll show you

So move with me
Just a little bit
C'mon dance with me
Like we don't give a shit
Life's just way too short
To be an asshole
You can enjoy it
Its not a hassle
So what they're looking 
This is your chance
Life is too stressful
For you not to dance
So you can stand up
And fuck what they think
C'mon dance with me
Push it to the brink
Oh, now baby 
Just a little bit
C'mon now hunny
Just a little bit
We may be crazy
Just a little bit
But we don't give a fuck
We don't give a shit!

We may be crazy
We don't give a shit
We may be crazy
Just a little bit
You can come fuck with us
But then we all will see
You may be crazy
A little bit like me

A little bit like me
A little bit like me
A little bit like we
A little bit
A little bit
A little bit I see!

Written by: Craig Scarberry

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