If We Were Hangin' on a Boat (Then We Would See a Lot of Seals)

by Joseph Landau

If we were hanging on a boat 
Then we would see a lot of seals 
And we would give them great big smiles 
We would greet them ear to ear 

If we were hanging on a boat 
And we were meeting lots of seals 
Then we would give them lots of fish 
And we would ask them how they feel 

And they would tell us all about 
The lives they live beneath the waves 
And we would tell them about pretzels 
Then we would wave them all away 

And we would see them off with smiles 
And we would hop and skip and play 
If we were hanging on a boat 
Then we would have a merry day 

Pretzels, pretzels, salty pretzels 
Pretzels, pretzels, hard and round 
Pretzels, pretzels, lots of pretzels 
Pretzels in the lost and found

Written by: Joseph Landau

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