by Empty Mourning

You're fickle, like the company you keep
You want out, but you dug that hole too deep
We're grabbing shovels to fill it back up
With you inside of it, now don't come out

You try to throw the dirt back at our feet
You want to play wolf when you're just a sheep
It's hard to stand up when you've got no spine
And play pretend when you know you're not fine

I hope you learn life's lessons the hard way
And finally learn to stay out of my way
You're down the road, but in my head you're far away
And I hope that it always stays that way

You're so messed up that you've convinced yourself
That nothing's wrong and that you don't need help
In fact, that's the furthest thing from the truth
You won't grow up, you'll just cling to your youth

Every aspect of you is so painful
Your presence and your words are disdainful
Your existence in my mind is baneful
And in your mind, you're the least bit blameful

I'll spit on your grave
Oh God

Written by: Donald Jette

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