by Youth Killed It

Youth Killed It are a British indie rock band from Norwich, England. The band was formed by Jack Murphy, Josh Thexton, Josh Arter-Taylor, Ben Ford and Carlos Montero in early 2016 after changing direction from their previous project. Youth Killed It have played with bands Slaves and Wonk Unit as well as making an appearance at the Camden Rocks, Isle of Wight and Teddy Rocks Festivals. They signed to Rude Records in late 2016 after having released two counterpart EPs, Welcome To The Sad Boys Club and Welcome To The Happy Girls Club.

(Who are ya?)

You don't like the way that I run shit,
And you don't like the way that I captain my ship,
And you don't like the way that I ride these waves,
But I guess you don't like too much these days

There's a number dial it in,
Pull out your phone,
And give it a ring

And you can call 0121-DO-ONE.

And people like following things like sheep,
Everyone's got wool in their eyes I meet,
But fuck it I'm just gonna keep doing me,
If that don't work, then I'll admit defeat,

And you can count the number of fucks I give,
On the same fingers I tell you with
And number one's for my cat,
And number two I couldn't tell you that.

Written by: Carlos Allouchi Montero, Jack Murphy


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