Winter Is Coming

by Death Be Not Proud

Sonnet X, also known by its opening words as "Death Be Not Proud", is a fourteen-line poem, or sonnet, by English poet John Donne (1572–1631), one of the leading figures in the metaphysical poets group of seventeenth-century English literature. Written between February and August 1609, it was first published posthumously in 1633. It is included as one of the nineteen sonnets that comprise Donne's Holy Sonnets or Divine Meditations, among his best-known works. Most editions number the poem as the tenth in the sonnet sequence, which follows the order of poems in the Westmoreland Manuscript (circa 1620), the most complete arrangement of the cycle, discovered in the late nineteenth century. However, two editions published shortly after Donne's death include the s…

Callous, frigid chill, darkness, and frost kill
Scar this earth, reversal of light
Drowned by the shade of this winter night

Drifting away from the warmth
Lost from the light and its glow
Life is now fading in winter's arms

Barren, so dead and cold,
This blizzard, this blight unfolds
Frozen to the core, unyielding forevermore

Winter reigns, as life decays
Trapped in the cold as I'm carried away
Gazing Earth's frozen remains
I can no longer find my way

Darkness and frost
Cold winds of plague
Spread through this wasteland
Cannot escape

Written by: John Peter Ucol

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