Unfinished Song

by Fighting Jacks

Fighting Jacks are a melodic rock band from San Jose, California. The band formed in the fall of 2000 after their former bands broke up that past summer. The original lineup was Casey Linstrum (vocals, guitar), Cory Linstrum (bass, vocals), Michael Hoppe (drums), and Mike Wright (guitar, vocals). This lineup created the base of the Fighting Jacks sound, taking the influences of their former bands and creating a sound that was both aggressive and indie, while also staying catchy and easily accessible. The band has released The Inside Trade Agreement EP and the Split EP with bands Sloe and Keeping Ellis in 2001. They were signed by Tooth & Nail Records and released their first full-length LP The Dying Art of Life in 2003. The band released a S/T EP in 2005 and …

Open notes, playing with a soft delicate
Cover girl, million dollar legs stray
Pressured by a sequence, followed by shrined symptoms
Poison marked so free, it?s gonna kill me

Mirrors taled a truth so clear
Golden hair streaming no fear
I think I loved you, we think we loved you
He thought you loved you

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