Snowy Atlas Mountains

by Fionn Regan

Fionn Regan (born 1981) is an Irish folk musician and singer-songwriter. Born and raised in Bray, Regan came to prominence with the release of his debut studio album, The End of History in 2006. He had been releasing extended plays for six years prior to the album's release on independent record la…

We came down by the factory
industrial yards where my father did work
When I was a boy, I went too far
I lost the thread in the darkest of space
If I become antique, you collect me
If I become cheap, then you'll respect me
My jumper is soaked in pig's blood
I'm coming out, looking for you
If you pull a hatchet
I'll pull something to match it
How about your wife?
I will give her a good life
My vehicle is in
your drive
Hey, I'm not that low
The wolves came on the radio
transmitting through a portal
in the snowy atlas mountains

Written by: FIONN REGAN


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