Black Sheep Wall

by The Innocence Mission

The Innocence Mission (stylized as the innocence mission on all releases since 1995) is an American alternative rock band centered on husband-and-wife singer-songwriters Karen and Don Peris. The original group, including Mike Bitts (bass guitar) and Steve Brown (drums), was formed in Lancaster, Pen…

This is how I love you:
I wish for a shade I can pull
I feel so afraid of watching you grow up
This love hurts to much
And I try and build a wall
So I don't have to see you fall
And I pray
Go away from my thoughts!
Why do you keep coming back
Over Black Sheep Wall?

Oh, I'd love to hold you close
But I play it cool
And keep my thoughts in a jar
Marked "dangerous"
And everyone says, "Never fear -
All boys his age experiment with their lives"
But my eyes want to close you out
I'll close you out
Why do you keep coming back
Over Black Sheep Wall?

Brother Black Sheep, love is strong
There's a shepherd out in every storm
And he's not afraid of a little rain
Why am I?
Why do I keep building up
This Black Sheep Wall?
Oh, I love you so!
Do you really know how much
How deep?
Black Sheep
This is how I love you:
With closed eyes
With turned back
With distance

Written by: KAREN PERIS

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