Our Love Is a Lie

by Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Philip Bierk (born April 3, 1968), known by the stage name Sebastian Bach, is a Canadian heavy metal singer who achieved mainstream success as frontman of Skid Row from 1987 to 1996. Since his departure from Skid Row, he has had many television roles, acted in Broadway plays, and led a su…

Five o'clock in the mornin'
Floatin' over my bed
Temptin' fate is a pleasure
Goin' straight to my head

Not one for the collegiate
Never one for respect
I take what I am given
I never needed what I never get

What id I told you a secret?
You promise you'll never tell?
I wanna get into you now baby
Get me outta this hell

Semi-good lookin' seducer
Slither in the street
I gotta suck out the venom
Desire's killin' me

So go ahead and shoot me
Cause I ain't goin' down
Aim and fire your best shot
And I ain't hittin' the ground

What if i told you a secret?
They ask and we'll just deny
I wanna hit you now, baby
Tonight our love is a lie

I can't control myself
My passion reigns
A victim of my lust
Delicious pain


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