Ball Hugger

by Leeway

Leeway is the amount of drift motion to leeward of an object floating in the water caused by the component of the wind vector that is perpendicular to the object’s forward motion. The National Search and Rescue Supplement to the International Aeronautical and Maritime Search and Rescue Manual defin…

Ball hugger, ball hugger, ball hugger, bo! this one goes
Out to all the hard-asses who think their holier than
Thou I get a kick out of you when I go out
Playing in the sandbox with the well-endowed
Oh so proud

Kiss that kiss-hug that hug
A ball hugger's work is never done well don't forget we
Remember everything you say
You look and feel like you have lost ya way like a fool
You answer all of my ways you find a fool and live for
Another day
You get along in tricks, just to get your kicks do
Everything I said just to get along one heart that's
Cold, one heart that's sold
Hey lets watch that punk try to stand proud (well-
Endowed) well don't forget we remember everything that
You say
With your look and appeal like the undead

One heart that's hypocritical, a personality that's
Cynical you don't want to rest yet, you don't want to
Rest your way


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