Everybody Needs Love

by Marvin Gaye

Marvin Gaye (April 2, 1939 – April 1, 1984), born Marvin Pentz Gay, Jr., was an American singer-songwriter and musician whose career spanned more than two decades. Born and raised in Washington, D.C., he was the son of a storefront minister of a local Pentecostal church sect and grew up singing gos…

See, those flowers, they need love.
See, the bluebirds, they need love.
See, the babies, they need love.
All God's children, oh, need love.
See, your mother, she needs love.
And my father, he needs love.
That's true, baby, and I need love too.
See, those rain drop rivers, they need love.
And the mountains and the valleys, they need love.
God forgive us, and send us more love from above.
Don't find good love every day; we ought to think 
Before we throw good love away.
Doesn't matter what you are,
A thief, or a beggar, or even a superstar,
As long as you were made by God above.
Oh, I know, I know, you need love; we need love,
Baby, oh, I need love, I need your love.  
(I'm standing here,) oh baby, standing in the need of
Love, I need love.
I need it; I got to have it, baby.
Oh, can't you see that I'm standing in the need?
I'm still here 'cause I need love.
I'm still with you, dear,
Cause I need your love.
And I know, oh yes, I know,
Though you feel you don't need loving,
You still need loving too, oh yes, you do.
It don't matter, no, it doesn't matter what you are;
A thief, or a beggar, or a superstar,
As long as the Lord made you from above.
I know, I know
You were made for love ('cause love is what you need and understanding,) oh, understanding 
You were made for love, sweet understanding why can't we see we were made for love.
You were made for love, baby; sweet understanding, why can't we see?  
We, (you,) were made for love. 
(Why is it so hard for us, today, to see the real?)  
We were made from love; you were made of love, 
Baby; you were made to love, baby.
What's the only thing that's gonna get us together?  
(Love's the only thing that's gonna make this cold-blooded world alright.)  
What is this we're singing about?  For the love of Jesus, let's do it.
I need a whole lot of love, sugar.
I need a whole lot of sweet love.
It's a fact.
(Who?) Even the slimy seal needs love.
(Who?) All of the folks in jail need love.
(Who?) Even a mean old man needs love.


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