To Kimberly

by Jimmy White

James Warren White, (born 2 May 1962) is an English professional snooker player who now competes with an invitational tour card. Nicknamed "The Whirlwind" because of his fluid, attacking style of play and popularly referred to as the "People's Champion", White is a six times World Championship fina…

Kimberly's lovely, dressed all in white
She sits at the bar on a Saturday night
And waits for her boyfriend who comes when he can
Get away from the wife, who would not understand
Her smile and laughter can't quite disguise
The bittersweet sadness I see in her eyes
The days become weeks and weeks become years
And harden the heart to a place beyond tears

Kimberly, its better to be alone
Cause nothing's free, but at least what you've got
You can call your own
Kimberly, it just seems to me
That you are what you choose
You'll be what you'll be
You're too good for this
Be true to yourself

Kimberly's lonely, dressed all in white
Alone in the bed that he visits at night
Sometimes he stays, but mostly he goes
And if she ever cries, nobody knows
The truth is the truth, and in your heart it will stay
You know you can't change it Kimmie, by turning away
By selling your soul, by trading your pride
Before you know it baby,
There's nothing left inside


It's none of my business this isn't my heart
But it's not for a song, and this isn't just art
You could be my sister you could be my friend
You could be more
Than your self imposed
Dead end

Its better to be alone

Written by: JAMES A WHITE

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