Are You Happy

by Jerry Butler

Jerry Butler (born Jerry Butler Jr., December 8, 1939, Sunflower, Mississippi) is an American soul singer and songwriter. He is also noted as being the original lead singer of the famed R&B vocal group, The Impressions, as well as a 1991 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

You're a very pretty girl
And all that's good
A lot of guys would love you
If they could
When you add up all the hugs
And every little kiss
Get down to the bottom line
And try to answer this

I wanna know are you happy
Tell me, tell me
Do you know how it feels
To have someone to
Love you for real

Oh, you're a hip young man
Trying to make it in the world
Messing up the minds of
A lot of little girls

Brother, you got
To face one fact
The heartache you give out
You're gonna get it all back

So are you happy
Tell me, tell me
Do you know how it feels
Oh, are you really happy, for real

This is one thing
You gotta learn
You never get love until
You give it in return

Are you happy
Hey, tell me, tell me, baby
Do you know how it feels
I wanna know do you have
Somebody to love you for real

Hey, did you hear what I say
Are you really happy
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Do you know how it feels...


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