Prostitute Poem

by Gong

A gong (Javanese: gong) is an East and South East Asian musical percussion instrument that takes the form of a flat metal disc which is hit with a mallet.

It is night
It's not night
I'm happy
I'm not happy

I'm sad
I'm not sad
It's early
It's late

Je marche
Je marche pas

Bonsoir monsieur
Tu viens avec moi ?
Tu viens mon cheri ?
Oui monsieur, viens
Tu es pret ?

Ca m'est egal
What do you want me to do?
Je veux - je veux pas
I touch you - et see'est dur monsieur
It's not like that
I'll show you...
Show you love... love...
Let me sink...

Je dois manger - n'importe quoi
I break off the corner of your mind and eat it
I'm eating your mind
I'm eating your body
Viens ici ici
Come I want your body
Viens, viens faire l'amour
Faire l'amour
Faire l'amour

Come into my arms
I kiss your lips
You die
I want your body
I do not want your body
De quoi s'agit-il ?
Bonne nuit - good night
Bonjour - mornin'
It's night - it's day
It's morning
see'est ca, non?

Written by: HILLAGE, SMYTH

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