Sorry and Glad Together

by The Innocence Mission

The Innocence Mission (stylized as the innocence mission on all releases since 1995) is an American alternative rock band centered on husband-and-wife singer-songwriters Karen and Don Peris. The original group, including Mike Bitts (bass guitar) and Steve Brown (drums), was formed in Lancaster, Pen…

This flurry of plans
is over, over.
And I'm sorry and glad together.

Our bustling house
is sane now, sane now.
And I'm sorry and glad together.

Didn't it go by so quickly, Mary?
I am missing our sewing in secret,
making up his holiday.

It's finally come round.
It's been a long time, a long time.
And I'm sorry and glad together 

Now we watch out of doors for May
and the travels of summer ahead
with. What will we bring?
Thoughts of trains,
thoughts of sea.
Will they come? And what will we say?
How possible everything is
in this wondering,
endless wait.
And how sure is joy, and safe.
In May I will say,
I am sorry and glad together

Written by: KAREN PERIS

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