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Broken I sit in my dark room And try not to cry The earth is shattering around me And i don’t know why I’m try and push past this A Feeling deep inside My mind playing tricks As i sit there and hide Im staring in a mirror Feeling very low A face hiding dark ...

Listed by Jenna Marshall 1 year ago
That certain kind of love

What is it that makes me think about you, yet at the same time leaves me blue. Could it be this, that is sent from above, you know that certain ohhhhh kind of love What is it that causes this heartbeat I never knew, that runs so deep I know it's for you Could it be th...

Listed by Debra s Triggs 10 months ago

Have you heard all those Christmas songs? What about this Easter one? It's spring time The evenings are getting brighter Oh Easter time Lambs are leaping Eggs are chocolate The clocks go forward Palm is abundant Oh Easter time Good Friday is next Tuesday! We can...

Listed by Ger Clarke 2 years ago
Sweet Sweet Virginia

You cam to me in all my sadness, You always came and helped me to cope You came to cure me of my madness And give me light and love and hope Chorus :Sweet sweet Virginia I,ll always think of you as a friend, Sweet sweet Virginia, I,ll always love you until the end, ...

Listed by Andy Stevens 1 year ago
Easily Fade Away

There's only sadness... left in me There's no anger... you can see I've left all my... pain behind Otherwise I'd... lose my mind I lost all my... friends this year Pulled away... because of fear Afraid to look them... in the eye 'cause then I'd see... it was no lie ...

Listed by T.S. 2 years ago

I hope that somebody out there Will truly love you one day Maybe more or less as I do Maybe your angels can guide you Maybe you think of us in your dreams Maybe your soul looks for love, it seems Maybe your days are too busy now Keeping yourself going somehow And...

Listed by Daniela Hlucha 2 years ago
The Land of the Forgotten

(Stanza 1) I reside in the land of the forgotten Always a choice, never being the choice Labeled a mistake Someone to be, never someone to have You were everything I had You plucked my soul from this desolate land (Chorus) The land of the forgotten Where forgetting i...

Listed by Andrew Larcher 1 year ago

When I met you I was 25, you was going on 21. I ain’t have a way, just stuck chilling sleeping at grandmas place. Staying in the streets all night, just hanging out wasnt thinking about getting paid. I wasn’t a stick up kid, Kevin Hart paper soldiers burglaries were my thing. ...

Listed by Wheeble 2 years ago
If He Treats Her Wrong

IF HE TREATS HER WRONG Pick up a shovel, dig a big hole Stand up straight, nice and tall Got shiny shoes and new watch Paying all bills each n every month But all this shit don’t mean much Only about what you do You can try to be a man Do it all day long All the w...

Listed by Xavier Burke 3 years ago
Poor Democracy

I shake my head at the screen As rioters lose their minds My insides boil with rage As the Capitol splits in two Violent, far-right, neo-Nazi Fighting, shooting, very bloody Violent, far-right, neo-Nazi Poor democracy Five people lose their lives All because of on...

Listed by Abdoul Hakeem 2 years ago

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