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I don’t know what the fuck go do

I don’t know what to do. Everything in my life is screwed I thought on going to school but it turned I’m in shity pool. Tried my way working hard. But the dough is not to enough bake a dime.

Listed by Amgad wawi 7 months ago
I'll never leave me

Yeah, yeah I’ll be here watching you through the window The only memory of you would be your shadow Yeah, do me a favour Don’t slam the door Cos I’m still alive Observe my demeanour I’m a smash bird to the core And that isn’t a lie No, no, no, no Yeah No, no,...

Listed by Sandy 7 months ago
Can’t you see?

It’s not hate, rather sadness I’m not aggressive Just disappointed This emotional disturbance It’s a very big turbulence yeah I’m still the old me The beautiful soul is still inside me Can’t you see? Can’t you see? I’m tired of keeping everything to myself Co...

Listed by Sandy 7 months ago
Idiota de la vida

idiota al pensar que la vida es como la idealizamos que los amigos son como los tratamos idiota de la vida al tener el pensamiento de un esclavo a envidiar lo ajeno y no apreciar lo que tengo al lado idiota al pensar que las personas son todas buenas sin importar s...

Listed by cristo 10 months ago
Coronavirus Cure

Rap Song: I can rap, rap, rap Like a maternal copulater When I snap, snap, snap I unravel my mind I travel in time I Followed my journey guide To the other side I am in control of my human puppet On a spirit string There is no death We made it up Your body is a ves...

Listed by Dr. Brandy L. Willey 1 year ago

(Intro) Yea baby let me see that pompa yea (Verse) Sabes que senorita vente pa ca and chupale a mi paleta come on mamasita vente pa ca en mi cama we can have sex all night long and record it on my camera I will have you screaming all night long like oooh papa because I will...

Listed by Steven Flores 1 year ago
SLip her 8

Feeeling basic, feeling needy, but stopping just short-- of greedy, things were frightening, cased in lightning, sounding loud, like a clap from a thunder cloud, Saying prayer's , askin for blessings in many layers, Im wondering if God hear's me, Then an angel come's nea...

Listed by Freddy Capelle Jr 2 years ago
A miami state of mind

Yeah, yeah Ayo, Ex girlfriend, it's time. It's time, Ex girlfriend (aight, Ex girlfriend, begin). Straight out the strong dungeons of rap. The Money drops deep as does my tail. I never walk, 'cause to walk is the Mum of entail. Beyond the walls of wood shavings, life i...

Listed by Sad JR 2 years ago
Easily Fade Away

There's only sadness... left in me There's no anger... you can see I've left all my... pain behind Otherwise I'd... lose my mind I lost all my... friends this year Pulled away... because of fear Afraid to look them... in the eye 'cause then I'd see... it was no lie ...

Listed by T.S. 2 years ago
Snake eyes

This chip on my shoulders ain't nachos/ 30 round clip in tha draco/ if you still gotta count yo money then you're still broke/ cat's always claimed they got

Listed by Teng Bang 3 years ago

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