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Standing in a slide zone,
I could be steppin' through a time zone.

The air raced by there was no sound,
We drifted high above the ground.
And then he
In the lonely financial zone
By the sea
I have walked under moon and stars.
Skyscrapers shone in their dark majesty.
In this otherwordly land
"Uh, we got a killstreak coming up if anyone's interested."

It's getting late at night by a freezing moon
The time is running out and the end is
And you lie, memories drifting by

Love don't make it on those pin-striped nights
When you're looking through someone's disguise
You can't make it alone, so
models, y'all got reasons to believe me
Keeping it breezy, just me and my Weeknd CD
Wanna fly in for the week and you see me
Can tell I be beating it
Written by Billy Burnette and Michael Smotherman. 
I was laughing at all these people, who
Jump through hoops and loop de loop
In the name of love
Deliver me from evil

The sorcerer is planting his seed
Growing the fools and the victims he needs
His empire's covered by a black sky
The danger zone
of cryin', ain't gonna cry no more.
With you, baby, by my side, love's an open door.

Ooh ooh ooh, it must be a dream!
Ooh ooh ooh, the love zone I'm in.
[background ad libs by P. Diddy]
(Ah ah ah)

Today is the day we ride, you's a made your whole fucking family by
viewed mansions carved out of stone
Down in the dark, in the dark
Subterranean zone.
Down in the dark, in the dark, in the dark,
In the dark, in
    Enemy Lyrics
    by The Weeknd

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started something
I forced you to a zone
And you were clearly
Never meant to go
Hair brushed and parted
Typical me, typical me
Typical me
I started
We shoot 'em down
We shoot 'em down

Free fire zone with my m-16
Vendetta burns inside
Wiped out their lives for eyes unseen
Mercy chilled
magnetic field as a compass
but their navigation is now compromised by cell phone radiation
Making it impossible for them hoes to find their way back
of guitar notes
To go with the loading zone announcements.

Central Scrutinizer:

The White Zone is for loading
Covered up, by what we did and didn't do
Going through

Every hour I used to cope to make
The repetition stop
What was I supposed to say?


dressed I got super powers
What's in my cup give me super powers
Niggas tell tales, and they super sour
I'm in my zone, I got super powers
Super powers,

Deceptive diversion / blinded satellites cannot trace
Mechanical malfunction
Deteriorating systems by the interface
Initial confrontation
covered up
By what we did and didn't do
I thought you knew
Now i take it from the top
And make the repetition stop
It never ever went away

Now I'm
girlfriend, loving the crew, The Weeknd
The new Giuseppe's, I had to purchase by the bundle
Them presidential Benz's, you can tell I'm doing numbers
in our zone

They call me Maximus Microphone dezonius
I'm on that rap shit  until it's only us
My phono lust is soundtracked by sunshine and lady
to analyze me
For all those who want to analyze me

My mother committed suicide when I was four or five
I love Mike-O was killed by a psycho
But I'm not
Droves of growers rolling by

In the trees and way below

Simple factors foiling time

Never did we seem to know

She was high and I was low

Now. Not tomorrow
Not tomorrow
It happens today
The damage today
They fall on today
They beat on the outside
And I'll stand by you
Now. Not
appears in my sleep
Surpass the whole mortal life
As sucubus creeps in my cold room
Tresspass the invisible zone
Archeogonic theory is fallen by reborn