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That few would take notice 

And when I wake up 
I imagine being crushed by one 
Imagining its weight its silence 
And the absence of excuses for
A. In thirteen seconds
B. Nineteen sank, while six would swim
C. Five would grow and one was dead

It's been thirteen seconds
Since you all last
viewed mansions carved out of stone
Down in the dark, in the dark
Subterranean zone.
Down in the dark, in the dark, in the dark,
In the dark, in
to analyze me
For all those who want to analyze me

My mother committed suicide when I was four or five
I love Mike-O was killed by a psycho
But I'm not
to hustle no more but the streets won't let me go,
All my niggaz say,
Zone 1 (right here), Zone 2 (right here), Zone 3 Zone 4 (right here), Zone 5 and 6,
I can't seem to change you or open up your eye's
So go on and sing your sad, sad song.
I don't even blame you the routine is nice.
Nine to five
Yo yo check it 
Unattached and calm sundaes and pills I palm 
with intentions to make it to the league 
Intrigued by two letter cars SE's
got a Gucci emblem
I'm so Gucci gone say I'm in a Gucci zone
(I'm petty) Got my Louie V hat
With my Louie backpack with the stacks in that
do it on the south side
Might buy an AK using all 5’s
Pittsburgh, Zone 6, Zone trey
Zone 1, do this shit like every day
Old Nat, copy roll, camera
Physically they just give up
We priced the healthy food so high
They can only buy soda pop

A house broken bee colony
That goes home after 5
Too burnt
a bossy, glossy rebel,while my name is long

Ain’t no guessing it’s E-V-E
I’m the chick that they wish they’d be
Know by now, do not fuck with
dollars jus to leave me lone,
Tell the waitress bring mo bottles up cus she can keep the chaser,
Lil mama switchin' by my section she want me to chase
Winters getting colder, Summer gettin warmer
Tidal wave comin cross the Mexican border
Why buy a gallon it's cheaper by the barrel
Just don't get
Basstrackers, Bayliners and a party barge,
Strung together like a floatin' trailer park
Anchored out and gettin' loud all summer long
Side by side there's five
the Novocain numbs the brain
And 1906 getting cleaner getting cleaner
Sucked into 07 by this thing called a vacuum cleaner
1914 bam they're going crazy in
I wake up and got four or five bitches in the bed
Smokin weed, Drinkin liquor by da keg
I was born an O.G. if yaint heard about me
I put four
rubber like "green is the new green"
Rubber necks froze, slows by the multiplex
Rodeo commotion, I'm open to see what culminates
Boogie on the right,
of scientists are in maybe 10 showed up at the wharf
As if guided by the trident of poseidon to cavort
Each a lumbering and boisterous glutton
Like a half-ton
Fresh from zones of moisture
And afterwards the meat
With spangles on my long-tailed suits
And songs to haunt the one that's saved

Just call me
He don't care.
I don't care.
It's five o'clock somewhere.

What time zone am on? What country am I in?
It doesn't matter, it's five o'clock
Keep on tryna hide it but your friends know

I only call you when it's half past five
The only time that I'll be by your side
I only love it when you
v6 engines when I be 

enterin' - grammatical vortexes twistin' like rolodexes context is 

randomly selected ran like red lights by eager
Let me slay artists for tips in the penny tray
By the way if that diamond ring don't shine
That's cause I bought it at the five-and-dime but don't
spot ya five points
And I'll still serve that ass
This J-Zone talkin to you boy, come on

[Verse 1: J-Zone]
Now that every ball player want to rap
QB, PJs, and we playin' for keeps
Jewelry, cars and Jeeps is my motto
Four-fives with the hollows, silencers on the nozzles
Pop bottles with those

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